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Schenk & Smart are voluntary members of the Peer Review Program of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Membership in the Program demands annual review of our quality control systems and periodic outside audit by our peers. We belong to this organization to assure you of the highest professional standards in the accounting industry.


The audit gives reasonable assurance that your financial statements are presented fairly. This provides reliability and credibility to the stockholders and partners as well as creditors. If an audit is not suited to client needs, we also offer compilation and review services. In addition, we provide special reports which focus only on certain elements of the financial statements and the business operations.

  • Contractors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Automotive
  • Associations
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Retailers
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Service Businesses & Trusts


We work year-round in the tax arena providing tax planning services to both business and indi­viduals. We also prepare the various forms needed for compliance with State and Federal government. Our orientation in taxes is to assist you in making decisions now to lower your tax burden in the future.

Our commitment to you is embodied in the following principles: Responsiveness Our turnaround is among the industry's best. Professionalism you can rely on the integrity of our services. Honesty We will be candid with you. We expect you to be candid with us. Expertise We are abreast of the constantly changing economic, accounting, and tax environments. Value Our fees reflect the energy and resources put into the services we provide. Humanity Our orientation is "people first". We listen to you. Objectivity We maintain independence in our client relations.

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